About us

Here at RatedVinyl, were an enthusiastic bunch, always seeking out unique sticker products to make your car just that a unique experience to the eye we have an abundance of experience, which you can see through our range of car stickers, graphics and decals. We have sold many thousands of our products and use only high performance vinyl.

We use high performance polymeric and cast vinyl which is durable and robust, doesn’t shrink and is pliable for our needs. From companies such as Avery, Hexis and Ritrama, we are forever looking to source material to better suit our customers needs.

How your order is processed

Step 1 - Order Received

Please remember to browse the many product categories available, add or remove items from the cart and when you’ve finished “Checkout” with payment via paypal.

Upon receipt of your order, we look at your request and take careful consideration into creation your product.

Step 2 - Order Creation

We design your order using the latest software package, we then cut your design using a top of the range vinyl cutter, using high performance sign vinyl exclusively from brands such as Avery, Hexis and Ritrama. Your product is then finished with a quality application tape to make your install process as easy as possible.

Step 3 - Delivery

After your order has been created, it will be packaged and dispatched using 1st class postage as standard, within 2-4 business working days, but more often than not a next day dispatch time will be followed.

Important Trademark Information

Within this website you may see many recognisable logos and images. Please be aware that RatedVinyl are in no way associated with any of the companies whose logo or image appears on this website. It is neither our intention to appear to be associated with any of the companies or their logo’s you see. It is also neither our intention to pass ourselves off as associates. RatedVinyl are entirely independent of any of the companies and their logo’s which may appear on this website. If you are the owner of a company logo that appears on our site and take offence/exception to seeing it present, please do contact us for the immediate removal. Once we have confirmed that the request is genuine, we will be more than happy to remove the logo from this site.

Many Thanks TeamRV