Renault Clio MK2 2004 Custom 3rd Brake Light Car Sticker Vinyl 182 Cup Sport

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Renault Clio MK2 2004 "Clio" 3rd Brake Light Vinyl Sticker Overlay

Description - 1 x piece of vinyl that fits externally over the 3rd brake light for a Renault Clio MK2 2004 "Name/Logo".
When Brake is applied, "name/logo of your choice" lights up. Why not modify your Renault Clio Cup or any of the other models in the Clio mk2 range with this cheap but effective car sticker.

Information Needed - Please leave a message at checkout stating the lettering you would like if it is not the same as the listing picture.

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 Material - high quality polymeric 5-7yr external vinyl used from the likes of Hexis, Avery and Ritrama. Durable and Robust. Application tape included for easy of installation

Pre-cut to fit, but may need slight trimming in some cases. Washer position square is not cut out for this product, due to some model positioning or existance of washer varying.

Application - simply wipe/wash the 3rd brake light of any debris, dry and using the application tape for guidance, position the decal, smooth out any bubbles and slowly peel of the tape/paper. Slight trimming will be needed due to the curve of the brake light.

Postage - Free 1st class postage on all items.

RatedVinyl provide high quality vinyl stickers covering a range of makes and models brake lights to family car stickers. We also list wall stickers and bumper stickers. We cater for custom sticker requests, which is ideal for every car fan wanting to stand out at the local car show